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Illustration and  animation from the New Yorker for a previously unreleased Josh Ritter song. If you aren’t down to watch the whole thing (which you should be, so just watch it), at least read the write up underneath.


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A great look at how & why he does what he does.

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I had really high expectations for the Baldessari show at LACMA, and they were met. Big time. Oddly enough I just saw some of them in Barcelona (’cause I’m fancy like that) and it was great to see them again as part of an even bigger exhibition.  His stuff is so fun.

Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell, 1966-1968

I guess you’re meant to use words like  “witty” or “jocular” or something smart-sounding,  but really, it’s just plain fun. It’s fun, and refreshing, while still making you stop, and breathe, and examine, and think, and chat, and compare, and laugh. Go.

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I won’t even try to write about my love for Josh Ritter.

Just watch & listen, please.

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Looked out his window, saw & made.

Birds on the Wires

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I can’t figure out how to embed a video without it playing on a continuous, non-turn-offable loop.

Instead, go to this link and watch. And sigh, with a little smile on your mug.

Mysteries of Love Animation

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