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Art in the Streets at MOCA.

Beauties by old favorites and gems by new friends. Way too much for one trip, thankfully we’ve got all summer to go back for more.


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Caravaggio! Who knew? Bar fights are so much cooler with swords.

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Edward Hopper and friends, including Mr. Bellows’ boxers. All at the Whitney.

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Oh, man. So I’ve never been shy about my affection for procedural dramas.

This is just a section of a bigger piece called Camping by Brandon Bird, who curated an entire show entitled These Are Their Stories. Each piece is based on a one-line episode synopsis of Law and Order, and they are fantastic.

I don’t know how I missed this show, but I’m seriously irritated that I did.

You can see more work and read more about the process here.

Or order prints to be shipped to you internationally, like my family did when I showed them the site. Great minds.

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I love a clever juxtaposition.

Also, I always feel like a bad art nerd for not loving Toulouse-Lautrec as much as I’m meant to. This is wonderful, which helps quite a bit.

See  more of these lovelies  here.

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My friend Amy sent me a link to Alexa Meade’s page a few weeks ago.

Her email: “Have you seen this chick? She paints. People. In 3D.”

Pretty accurate description, no?

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Though I can confess to having a decent amount of ridiculous NHL  knowledge, it’s unfortunately (and entirely) limited to the 1996 Los Angeles Kings, give or take a season. As a result,  I can’t wait to go see this show. It’s not quite up on the gallery website yet, but it looks like it’s  gonna be here in a few days.

Seriously.  This one’s called Avenging Angel (Marty McSorley).

I love the heading, too. Reminds me a little of these guys.

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