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When I was in DC last week I went to the new(ish) Museum of the Native American. Apparently it’s known to DC locals for it’s food (yes–tamale, pickled sweet potatoes and some quinoa fabulousness), but we also saw a Fritz Scholder exhibit. I’d never heard of him but his work is striking. It’s rare that someone pulls off the identity/self/ethnicity paradox stuff. The theme can easily become quite mawkish and hokey if not done well. Scholder did it well.

Mad Indian No. 3

Mad Indian No. 3


American Landscape (State 1) 1976

American Landscape (State 1)


Untitled (Blood and Diet Coke)

Untitled (Diet Coke and Blood) 2001

Um, yeah, you read the medium correctly.


 Galloping Indian after Leigh, 1978

Galloping Indian After Leigh (This one’s at the Autry)


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