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Oh, man. So I’ve never been shy about my affection for procedural dramas.

This is just a section of a bigger piece called Camping by Brandon Bird, who curated an entire show entitled These Are Their Stories. Each piece is based on a one-line episode synopsis of Law and Order, and they are fantastic.

I don’t know how I missed this show, but I’m seriously irritated that I did.

You can see more work and read more about the process here.

Or order prints to be shipped to you internationally, like my family did when I showed them the site. Great minds.


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Saw one of Lauren Simkin Berke‘s illustrations in  the paper this week.  It reminded me a little of these so I tore it out,  looked it up, and was immediately sucked in. Lovely.

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MoscowThis is a pretty cool project. I wouldn’t mind being the guy who gets to travel the world in order to draw people on the subway.

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