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Rented this a few weeks ago and it unleashed my inner history nerd. Who knew?


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That last Banksy post got me thinking about movies. Here’s another one I liked that seems appropriate. You couldn’t make it up if you wanted to; the people in it are entirely more like characters than made-up ones ever are, and the story is pretty fantastic as well. Netflix it, yo!

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So I very, very, very, rarely go to the movies. And yet when I heard that Banksy had made a documentary (and I use the term loosely) about the rise of MBW, I was in. Just make sure you don’t read anything about it before you go.

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I saw the Renoir After Impressionism show at the LACMA this week for one of my educator classes. I can’t say I need a Renoir in my house or anything, but we had a curator lecture and docent tour, which for an art nerd is generally pretty great.  The best part was this amazing, five-minute silent film of Renoir at work once he had incredibly severe arthritis in his hands. It was really, (um, trying not to curse….) really, beautiful.

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A Walk Into The Sea.

Danny WilliamsI flew on Virgin America last week. They have little seat-back TV’s. The little seat-back TV’s have the Sundance Channel. The Sundance Channel has awesome shit. I watched a documentary about Danny Williams, who made short, silent films of Andy Warhol and the Factory before he mysteriously drowned at 27. Warhol on film usually creeps me out, but this perspective was just different enough to be really, really interesting. I was going to post the trailer, but it makes the film look really dull. Maybe check out the website instead.

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