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A great look at how & why he does what he does.


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I love a clever juxtaposition.

Also, I always feel like a bad art nerd for not loving Toulouse-Lautrec as much as I’m meant to. This is wonderful, which helps quite a bit.

See  more of these lovelies  here.

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Debbie HarryI was in San Francisco this week and went to the de Young museum in Golden Gate Park for the first time. I can’t tell if it’s just because I’d never been there before or not, but it seemed really awkward to me. The layout, and the lighting and the feel–almost like it was unfinished or someone decided to create a museum in a space designed for something else. Who knows, maybe a second visit would remedy that, or maybe I’m just spoiled after having spent so much time at The Getty Center this summer.

Regardless, I saw two shows, Andy Warhol Live and the Yves St. Laurent retrospective. The Warhol show was interesting, sort of a contextual perspective on his connections with Hollywood. There were tons of photos of him with celebrities, and lots of memorabilia; album covers, short films, Studio 54 stuff. His wig. My favorites were a beautiful, giant, lithograph of Rauschenberg, some early illustrations of his “Sprites” and the Brillo boxes borrowed from the Norton Simon. I never knew they had any of his work in their mysterious underground vault. I still gotta pull my Norton Simon string and get a tour of that thing.

The Yves Saint Laurent exhibition on the other hand, was much more concise. The best part was his series of “Inspired By” gowns, each one based on a famous artist. There were Matisses, Van Goghs, Mondrians, Picassos. The Braques were my favorites.

Braque Dress YSL

Braque Dress 2 YSL

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