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Angry Produce.

The current (about to end) exhibition at the CAFAM is called Myth & Manpower: Graphics and the California Dream. It offers a basic walk-through of graphic design, and then includes a few pairs of images for each element. One half of each pair is an idyllic, gorgeous, advertisement for a California citrus company, usually featuring pristine fruit and smiling families in bright, bold colors. The other is a United Farm Workers’ Union protest poster, often with the same bright colors but strikingly different images. ┬áThe pairings are really well done. Some are very obvious and others are just subtle enough to make you ┬áthink through the choices. The show is sponsored by the Museum of California Design, which did a nice write-up as well.


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There are two shows at the CAFAM right now, and as the CAFAM typically can do no wrong, they are both unique, if anything else. One is Mithila painting from India (and maybe Nepal, too?). Not my favorite aesthetically, but it includes a really interesting write up on the culture and the government’s effort to maintain the artistic tradition. My favorite part was the titles, just about every piece has a literal name, which is refreshing in a world of “Untitled Blue No. 7.” Lots of samples here.

Upstairs is a show called Celestial Ash based on the work of Joseph Cornell. I love Cornell’s shadow boxes, and am usually easily impressed by most things assemblage, but I was kinda underwhelmed by most of the show. Maybe because I was expecting Cornell? I don’t know, there’s a thorough write up on it in the LAT that probably digs a little deeper than I did .

Freakin’ Michael C. McMillen, though.

The Asylum of Lost Thoughts

He used to have a walk-through installation on display at the LACMA called Central Meridian, The Garage. I remember being entirely freaked out by it as a kid, and his creepy-ass installation at the CAFAM took me right back.

(Oh, and the best part is that I googled the name of the garage piece and hit the blog of the LACMA employee who had to take it apart for storage. Ha.)

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I went to one of my all-time favorite museums today, the California Folk Art and Craft Museum near the LACMA. It’s the best spot for just popping in—not too big, just five bones, and it always has the coolest exhibits. Today I went to see “Within Four Miles” by Josh Dorman.

Josh Dorman

I wish you could see the details better here, but I think it’s one of those you’ve got to visit up close. He essentially does really intricate collages on antique maps. Kind of surreal, Dali imagery but so delicate, like if Paul Klee used more concrete, realistic images. It’s not my favorite, content-wise, but I’m such a sucker for a well done collage, and these are amazing. The show at CAFAM is closing, but he’s represented by the George Billis Gallery in Culver City, so maybe they’ll have more opportunities to check out his stuff.

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