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I had really high expectations for the Baldessari show at LACMA, and they were met. Big time. Oddly enough I just saw some of them in Barcelona (’cause I’m fancy like that) and it was great to see them again as part of an even bigger exhibition.  His stuff is so fun.

Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell, 1966-1968

I guess you’re meant to use words like  “witty” or “jocular” or something smart-sounding,  but really, it’s just plain fun. It’s fun, and refreshing, while still making you stop, and breathe, and examine, and think, and chat, and compare, and laugh. Go.


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I finally made it to BCAM, and it kind of tripped me out. Everything in the permanent collection upstairs isRorscharch, 1984, Andy Warhol organized by room. So if you go up the outdoor escalator, walk in and wander to the left, you hit these rooms, in this order: Johns, Rauschenberg, Kelly, Lichtenstein, and Twombly. Then you cross over via Ruscha into two more rooms that end with Warhol, including one of the giant Rorschach. It’s enough to make you stumble around with your mouth open. One Ellsworth Kelly is wonderful. A huge, sunlit room of them is wonderfuller.

As for the Two Germanys exhibit, I didn’t even make it halfway through, it was so dense. The plan is to return and absorb the second half on a second visit. Besides, the room with my Hockney in it was closed, so if that doesn’t merit a return visit, I don’t know what does.

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