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Illustration and  animation from the New Yorker for a previously unreleased Josh Ritter song. If you aren’t down to watch the whole thing (which you should be, so just watch it), at least read the write up underneath.


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A great look at how & why he does what he does.

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Rented this a few weeks ago and it unleashed my inner history nerd. Who knew?

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That last Banksy post got me thinking about movies. Here’s another one I liked that seems appropriate. You couldn’t make it up if you wanted to; the people in it are entirely more like characters than made-up ones ever are, and the story is pretty fantastic as well. Netflix it, yo!

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So I very, very, very, rarely go to the movies. And yet when I heard that Banksy had made a documentary (and I use the term loosely) about the rise of MBW, I was in. Just make sure you don’t read anything about it before you go.

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I won’t even try to write about my love for Josh Ritter.

Just watch & listen, please.

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The Narctist.


Juan Espinoza paints murals in the mansions of drug traffickers in Sinaloa Mexico. He also paints them on their tombs.

It’s a living?

You can read about him here, or watch the audio slideshow.

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