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Art in the Streets at MOCA.

Beauties by old favorites and gems by new friends. Way too much for one trip, thankfully we’ve got all summer to go back for more.


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Edward Hopper and friends, including Mr. Bellows’ boxers. All at the Whitney.

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I saw this show in August. I can easily say it had the biggest impact on me out of anything I’ve seen in the past few years. Maybe since this one. And the website doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. This kind of irked me at first, but after scouring the site  for a good picture to share it kind of makes sense that the pieces aren’t  captured well by photography. Here’s one teeny bite.

It’s an arrowhead, by Tim Hawkindson, made entirely out of eggshell fragments. Yeah, it’s that kind of show. Where it’s so ridiculously awesome it makes you angry. In that “Stop, already! I’m already impressed beyond belief—you don’t have to make a lamp out of mini light bulbs inserted into dandelion puffs!”  kind of way.

I probably shouldn’t try to write about it.  Come over instead,  I’ll show you the book and get all worked up in real life.

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Though I can confess to having a decent amount of ridiculous NHL  knowledge, it’s unfortunately (and entirely) limited to the 1996 Los Angeles Kings, give or take a season. As a result,  I can’t wait to go see this show. It’s not quite up on the gallery website yet, but it looks like it’s  gonna be here in a few days.

Seriously.  This one’s called Avenging Angel (Marty McSorley).

I love the heading, too. Reminds me a little of these guys.

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I went to see Adele when she was at the LACMA a few years ago, mostly ’cause she’s famous and everyone was making a big deal about her backstory. And then she pretty much paralyzed me in the gallery. 
I couldn’t  walk away from her, even on return trips.  Now she’s here and I can’t decide if I want to go see her when I’m in New York.
I’m terrified that the spell will be broken and I’ll see her in the dorm-room-poster way I had expected to the first time.
All, in all, it’s a pretty fabulous dilemma.

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I had really high expectations for the Baldessari show at LACMA, and they were met. Big time. Oddly enough I just saw some of them in Barcelona (’cause I’m fancy like that) and it was great to see them again as part of an even bigger exhibition.  His stuff is so fun.

Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell, 1966-1968

I guess you’re meant to use words like  “witty” or “jocular” or something smart-sounding,  but really, it’s just plain fun. It’s fun, and refreshing, while still making you stop, and breathe, and examine, and think, and chat, and compare, and laugh. Go.

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Whoah. Mummies of the World.  It’s oddly fascinating, gross, and reverent all at once. Check out their site with some cheesy promo videos (including a cool  one that shows a mummy getting a CAT scan at Cedars)  here, and, of course,  here.

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