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Caravaggio! Who knew? Bar fights are so much cooler with swords.


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My friend Emily shared this today. She works at LACMA and I tend to live out all of my curator fantasies through her.   Ever since I was a little guy  my favorite part of museums has always been the giant elevators. No wonder I still love hearing about anything to do with installations. Mmmmm…retrofitting.

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Someone asked me last week why I like museums so much and at the time I couldn’t articulate my answer. I’m still not sure that I can, but I’m closer since wandering around  the BCAM last Sunday with some lovely gentlemen.

We sat down in the courtyard afterward for martinis, which, I must say, capped off a pretty great afternoon in a pretty great way. (It was during martini hour that one friend mentioned the importance of leaving a gallery before you’ve had too much, and it reminded me of why I haven’t written anything up on my trip to Chicago–it feels like it was just too much to process, let alone quippily write about (yeah, “quippily”). I think I’ll give it a try soon, though. Maybe a little at a time.)

But back to the museum question. The other friend arrived in the courtyard a few minutes after we did, sat down in the sun, and sighed, “It’s almost like a high, isn’t it?”

Yeah. It is.

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Does Noma Bar have a rad blog somewhere that I just can’t find?

I think it’s a sign that I should buy the book.

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I had a another thought today on why I like Gallery 1988 so much. I was flipping through prints there on Sunday when I overheard this:

Dude waiting to pay at the counter: That’s a cool dog.

Cute yet unpretentious girl that works at the gallery: Yeah, he’s pretty chill. (Dog is lolling about on a chair behind the counter, clearly chilling.)

Counter dude: Is he always so mellow?

Gallery girl: Yeah, he’s pretty laid back. Also, he’s allergic to himself.

The three of us all lost it and laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of that statement. It has to be true though, right? Who makes that stuff up?

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